Theatre Adventure Program presents ‘The Princess and The Goblin’

WEST BRATTLEBORO — New England Youth Theatre's Theatre Adventure presents: The Princess and The Goblin, May 17-19, at 10:30 a.m, at the West Village Meeting House, 29 South St. A special “sensory friendly” performance will be held on the May 17.

The Theatre Adventure Wednesday Troupe brings to life this classic fairy tale, originally written in 1872 by George MacDonald and adapted by Carol Lawson in 1941, and NEYT's Theatre Adventure in 2011. An ever-present Great Great Grandmother, a doting nursemaid, a devoted King-Papa, a brave and curious miner boy, and more join with the courageous Princess Irene in a tale told with shadow work, acting, dancing, singing, and projections.

Theatre Adventure was founded in 2004 by Darlene Jenson and Laura Lawson-Tucker to help teach youth and adults with developmental challenges life, acting, and communication skills as well as to promote community through the discipline of theater.

Theatre Adventure actors, both with and without disabilities, create theater that turns traditional roles upside down, presenting a fresh take on familiar stories and challenging audiences to open their thinking about differences.

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