Newfane briefs

Highway equipment purchase approved

NEWFANE — NEWFANE - At the May 15 Selectboard meeting, the Board unanimously approved the purchase of a landscape rake from Brown Enterprises for $4,199.

As Road Foreman Todd Lawley noted during his report, “we have rebuilt the frame on our York rake several times but it is pretty well worn out.”

“We rake every day with that and if it doesn't rake the way it is supposed to then the roads don't come out right,” Lawley said, noting that without it, “we have to regrade the roads.”

Post-Irene hazard mitigation projects finished

NEWFANE - Almost six years after Tropical Storm Irene, the town will soon receive the last payment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the state for the final hazard mitigation project.

During her Administrative Assistant's Report at the May 15 Selectboard meeting, Shannon Meckle said she and Board member Mike Fitzpatrick attended the final site visit to 246 Dover Rd., a property damaged by flooding during the storm.

FEMA and state officials were “impressed with the condition of the site,” Meckle said, and the town should receive payment for their hazard mitigation work within a few weeks.

July meeting schedule announced

NEWFANE - At the May 15 meeting, the Selectboard announced their meeting schedule for July.

The Board will conduct a short meeting on Monday, July 3. Although it is the day before Independence Day, and Board members considered moving the meeting to the following Monday, Administrative Assistant Shannon Meckle noted the Board has to set the tax rate early enough to get the tax bills ready for mailing.

At the July 3 Board meeting, members will keep the agenda brief: Set the tax rate and approve pay orders.

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