USA is not a business, and we are not Trump’s employees

BRATTLEBORO — The latest federal “budget” is proof, if more proof were needed, that Donald Trump views himself, as do his minions, not as the elected representative of our nation, but as the all-powerful CEO of his own company (and we know how well he runs those).

This creation is an abomination, designed to simultaneously erase Barack Obama's legacy while lining the pockets of Trump and his partners in, essentially, a robbery.

If even one aspect of this “budget” is enacted, people's lives, including overwhelmingly the lives of Trump supporters, will be negatively impacted. Our environment will suffer. Our standing in the world, already precarious, will suffer, and the economy will take a nosedive, because anyone with any economic experience at all knows that trickle-down has never worked, and won't work now.

We need to fight this with everything we've got. The USA is not a business, and we are not Trump's employees.

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