Bellows Falls Opera House presents film on Leonardo da Vinci

BELLOWS FALLS — RAMParts Presents, in partnership with Exhibition on Screen, brings Leonardo Live: From the National Gallery, London to the Bellows Falls Opera house on Thursday, July 27, at 7 p.m.

The 90-minute feature highlights what is considered the most remarkable exhibition of the 21st century: the largest-ever collection of Leonardo's surviving paintings at the National Gallery in London.

Given exclusive access to the opening night of the exhibition, the film captures the excitement of the occasion and provides a fascinating exploration of Leonardo's great works. Art historian and broadcaster Tim Marlow offers insight into the great masterpieces and invites the opinions of the curators, restorers, and other guests.

Interwoven is a biography filmed at the locations of Leonardo's life, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the preparations of what was undoubtedly a once-only exhibition which also included the first newly attributed Leonardo in over a century.

RAMP director Robert McBride said in a news release that the group is expanding arts programming locally, in the broadest sense, by making it accessible in cost and availability.

“Not everyone is able to afford travel to a city to see art exhibitions or Broadway shows. A trip can easily cost over $100 per person in travel and ticket expense and becomes a barrier to the art experience.

“By creating the RAMParts ticketing platform and partnering with the Opera House, we are removing this barrier and can create unique, spectacular box-office offerings right here in Bellows Falls. Arts events are a proven economic driver for any community. Merchants benefit from increased traffic to events held at the Opera House.”

Broadway shows also will be scheduled this summer at the Opera House.

According to McBride, “At this time we have access to more than 200 Broadway hits, and we'll be working closely with the Opera House to create an online streaming experience so that current Broadway shows are available, much like Metropolitan Opera HD Live performances.”

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