Wilmington Works offers class in business succession planning

WILMINGTON — If you own a business and you plan to retire one day, or if you think you might someday want to change gears in your life, you will eventually be faced with the task of selling or transferring ownership of your business.

The Economic Development Committee of Wilmington Works is offering a free seminar, “Introduction to business succession planning,” to all local business owners on Tuesday, Sept. 12, from 4 to 6 p.m., at Historic Memorial Hall.

The information in this seminar is valuable to any business owner, no matter what age you are or what stage your business is in.

The seminar will be presented by Philip Steckler of Country Business, Inc., the leading business brokerage and merger and acquisition company in Northern New England.

The firm has managed the sale of 1,200 businesses since 1976 with sale prices ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $25 million, including the following local businesses: Grey Ghost Inn, Kitzhoff, Deerhill Inn, Deerfield Valley Energy, and Deerfield Valley Supply. Businesses in Brattleboro include The Vermont Country Deli, Vermont Artisan Design, Bradford Machine, Brattleboro Bowl, The Shoetree, Brattleboro Print, Prospect Park Press, and The Putney Road Redemption Center.

Steckler will introduce business owners to the following topics: maximizing the value of their business, properly pricing and positioning a business for sale, attracting qualified purchasers, minimizing taxes, and maintaining confidentiality.

Additional topics include analyzing the business' strengths and weaknesses; understanding the marketplace; business valuation and the proper selling price and terms; offering the business for sale while maintaining confidentiality; and more.

This is an interactive seminar, and questions and discussion are welcome.

There is no charge to attend, and all local business owners from surrounding towns are welcome. For more information, contact Wilmington Works at [email protected], or 802-234-1433.

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