Now is the time for us to speak loudly and often

BRATTLEBORO — I can no longer be silent about the current political climate in this country. Where is the Republican leadership in dealing with this president? How long are they going to let this guy trash the Constitution?

Silence implies agreement, and now is the time for us to speak loudly and often before the president is allowed to bring this country further into the abyss.

Since the Republicans are the party in power, it is their responsibility to protect all citizens. I think they should act now to remove the president. If they do not act now, who knows what will happen next? I am worried.

This is a perfect example of why the two-party system does not work. Because once you pick a side, it is “win at all costs” for that side, and the American people are left behind. All you have to do is to see that we are a more divided country than ever.

The actions I have seen and not seen over the past few months show us why we need change now. I am ever so grateful that we live in Vermont, where we have some degree of protection from all of this madness. But all of us must still make our voices heard.

This is not a time to be silent.

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