Stone Church Arts presents world flute master Gary Stroutsos
Gary Stroutsos

Stone Church Arts presents world flute master Gary Stroutsos

BELLOWS FALLS — On Saturday, Sept. 30, at 7:30 p.m., Gary Stroutsos, world flute master, will take us on a journey around the world, from China to Cuba to the Native American West. Woodwinds Without Borders will showcase the music that he has explored and mastered throughout his long career as a professional musician. The concert will take place at the Stone Church on the hill at 20 Church St.

While of Greek, Italian, and Lebanese descent, Stroutsos is acknowledged to have made a distinctive contribution to the preservation of American Indian music and culture, and plays with some of the finest American Indian artists working today, including collaborating with Navajo flute maker Paul Thompson, in a work which expresses the enduring legacy of the American Indian flute and its recent revitalization.

In a news release, Stroutsos said “I have had a unique career of recording flute music inspired by travels and really awesome masters. My passion is to share with listeners the cultural legacies my teachers have shared with me, particularly my journey with my friend and mentor.

“This history is the real mystery of the flute, both haunting and enduring. Bringing music to life for new listeners is part of my vision of my own work, because music touches the soul, making it our true universal means of communication.”

In more than 20 releases, Stroutsos has created a body of work that expresses a passion for sound traveling: music without borders.

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