Love, change, survival: un-American?

BRATTLEBORO — Let's recognize health care as a human right by extending it to all people in the United States and funding it by tax revenues.

Let's reckon each other's inherent worth way above our unfair market value.

So shall we invest in one another, and, what's more, express our love for one another?

Let's recognize love as a cardinal American value.

Is this proper for a secular republic?

Yes. Though religions do promote love, love is an observable phenomenon, probably explicable in terms of biological evolution, and useful to people of all beliefs and unbeliefs.

Often we praise and honor self-sacrifice by soldiers, responders, volunteers, teachers, parents, friends, personnel. What is this sacrifice? Love.

Does love make us suckers, vulnerable to the machinations of our more cynical fellows?

Well, no, it shouldn't. We can love them without being so foolish as to trust them.

Does this thought have wider implications?

Inspired by love, let's work together to reduce poverty and the fear of poverty in general.

I hope that a more prosperous society could be a less greedy and more productive society.

Is love un-American?

Is change un-American?

Is survival un-American?

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