Hold NorthStar to previous radiation standards

BRATTLEBORO — As you know, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is the subject of a proposed sale to NorthStar Nuclear Decommissioning Company.

As long as the owner has the resources to clean up the site, I do not necessarily care who owns it. What I do care about is a commitment to clean up the site to at least the same standard as the rest of the sites in New England of decommissioned reactors: Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee, and Yankee Rowe in Massachusetts.

These sites are allowed a certain amount of radiation - only 4 millirem (mrem) for water pathways and 10 mrem for all others. Here in Vermont, they are proposing 15 mrem for all pathways.

Don't we deserve the same level of clean-up as the other three Yankee sites?

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