New Town Meeting rep pledges to voice opinions, reflect district

BRATTLEBORO — First, I thank the Brattleboro voters who gave me their support and will allow me to serve our town as one of the District 3 annual town meeting representatives. I promise to keep informed and do my best.

Second, even though I am a confirmed extrovert, approaching strangers and saying “Hi, my name is Wayne Estey” is a lot harder than I thought.

Third, voicing my opinion on any issue means that as many people will disagree with me as will agree. It's a dangerous campaign strategy.

Although waffling, avoiding, and dodging direct questions can be a better strategy, it's not me. I will speak. I may alienate my listeners 49 percent of the time. However, no one will ever accuse me of pandering or being a go-along-to-get-along candidate.

Finally, I represent my constituents. Their interests will dictate my positions in the end.

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