WSWMD begins bottle, can redemption for charity program

BRATTLEBORO — Windham Solid Waste Management District and Putney Road Redemption Center have launched a charity project at the Transfer Station on Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro encouraging visitors to redeem cans and bottles in dedicated bins next to the recycling dumpsters to provide funding for local charities.

Since a pilot project was launched at the Transfer Station last October, more than 25,000 redeemable bottles and cans weighing over 5,000 pounds have been diverted away from the general recycling stream.

Proceeds from the redemption of these bottles and cans have benefited the Windham County Humane Society, the first of a rotating series of local area charities.

“Separating deposit bottles and cans from other recyclables lowers waste-management costs while at the same time raising much-needed funds for local charities,” WSWMD Executive Director Bob Spencer said in a news release.

“Currently, the District is paying over $100 per ton to have our single stream recyclable materials hauled to a materials recycling facility in Rutland, and every ton we divert through this new program is saving us money,” he added.

“Would you throw a pocket full of nickels in the dumpster?” asks Rob Adams, co-owner of Putney Road Redemption Center, which redeems more than 10 million bottles and cans annually. “Why not set those redeemable bottles and cans aside and drop them off in the special bins for charity when you make your regular visit to the transfer station?”

For additional information, contact Rob Adams at [email protected] or 802-299-7639.

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