Vermonters should follow through with universal health care

GUILFORD — I now live in Guilford, but I grew up in Germany with universal health care.

I miss the German system: after you pay your monthly contributions (based on income), you are covered for anything medical that might come up (dental included), with no copays or deductibles!

For six years, I have lived in the USA, and my health has deteriorated because I haven't sought help when I should. The fear of unexpected costs is too big.

Is this medication covered under my plan? A certain procedure? How much will it be if I have to pay myself? Doctors rarely know. If I don't know the bill for a treatment that I might have to pay, I won't accept it. My financial situation doesn't allow gambling like that.

That's why we need nonprofit universal health care! Everyone is covered for everything. Many countries around the world, like Germany or Great Britain, show that it works and offers better health to most people.

I know firsthand how awesome life with such a system can be. Do we want to live in a country worth living in, where everyone can be taken care of? Or do we want a heartless society, with everyone for themselves, where everything is up for sale, even your health?

We decide! Vermont, follow through with Act 48, to provide health care as a human right to all residents!

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