Verbal communication would have gone a long way

I feel sad about this. I have always felt that Peter Rizzo has been a good yoga teacher - one of the best.

I don't discount the feelings of the women who have spoken, but I sense that there has been a grave misunderstanding between Peter and some of his students that maybe should have been sorted out much earlier.

I, for one, was comfortable with the physical assists and even the intimate bodily contact it entailed. For me, it seemed to fit within the yoga/teacher realm of trust and contact.

I am aware that not all people have the same comfort level and that perhaps Peter might have been naive in thinking that people who consistently came to his classes were comfortable with the level of assists he was providing. The card idea is a good one and, in this world of affirmed consent, I guess necessary.

Moving forward, verbal communication would have gone a long way for all parties involved.

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