Kornheiser: ‘clear, consistent, authentic message, competence, and vision’

BRATTLEBORO — I offer my enthusiastic support for Emilie Kornheiser's bid for state representative.

I've lived and worked in the Brattleboro area for my entire adult life. As a clinical psychologist, I care deeply about our community - though recently, like many of us, I have become increasingly skeptical and distressed about politics and politicians.

When I shuffled into Emilie's campaign kickoff gathering, my cynicism came along. But then she began to tell us about her inclusive worldview; she revealed a nuanced and humane understanding of community engagement.

Characteristically (as I have since discovered), she also left ample time to hear what was on our minds. Emily listened so carefully and, with warmth, smarts, and respect, addressed a range of challenging and fearful questions.

Her energy was inspirational and transformative. As she lifted my sagging spirits, Emilie was impassioned and expansive; I even found myself on the verge of tears when she talked about homelessness in our beloved town.

Incredibly, I left that first encounter with a renewed bounce in my step. I continue to be so impressed by her clear, consistent, authentic message, competence, and vision for the future.

We need compassionate leadership, perhaps now more than ever. I believe Emilie - and her generous, unjaded heart - will work tirelessly for us all.

I'm on my way to vote for her right now, and hope you will, too.

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