Hashim, Mrowicki: Match a quick learner with a teacher with experience

PUTNEY — What would it feel like to put on an undershirt, layered with a bulletproof vest, uniform, boots, and heavy utility belt, and then holster a radio and gun - in all types of weather? Then go de-escalate volatile situations?

Now imagine doing so for nine hours a day, sometimes longer if you're in the middle of an active situation at the end of your shift.

Would you manage that with a cool head and compassionate heart?

Vermont State Trooper Nader Hashim - a candidate for Windham-4 state representative - has done so with positive intention day after day, year after year.

As his campaign advisor, I see the impact of his intentions on a regular basis. At every event we attend, people come forward to talk about their past positive experiences with him, even some with whom he had to work through difficult situations. They all speak of his fairness. A defense attorney told me of his honorable, kind approach.

I am also a firsthand witness to Nader's character and ability to work well with others. For example, he invited the other candidates (technically, his opponents, but we are all Vermonters here) to partake in his last event.

He has used his campaign platform to promote citizen involvement in the political process and for social justice. He has spoken up publicly for the asylum-seeking parents and children separated from one another at the southern border, advocated for those suffering from opioid addiction, and taken a deep dive into Act 46 to stand with the voters.

Nader has purposely used campaign donations to hire young people of color and support those with disabilities, saying that win or lose, he's going to have a positive impact.

Intention, values, and integrity. This is what we need in politics.

What about experience? As a former School Board member and a current Selectboard member, I can attest that no matter your education or experience, it takes time to get up to speed in a newly elected position.

All freshmen legislators will be green. Some will learn faster than others. Nader is an incredibly fast learner. I also know through my experiences that incumbent representative Mike Mrowicki is an excellent mentor.

The combination of Nader's political science degree, unique perspective, and willingness to be mentored, combined with Mike's legislative experience, local leadership, and ability to be a mentor, create a winning combination.

That is why I support Nader Hashim and Mike Mrowicki to be our Windham-4 representative team.

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