Drug dealing in apartments creates environment of stress

BRATTLEBORO — I have been told by people residing at the Windham & Windsor Housing Trust apartments over the Brattleboro Food Co-op that they feel victimized by the rampant drug dealing in the building.

Some of the complaints include urination in the hallways, the smell of smoking, and a broken security system at the entrance, as well as loud shouting of profanities and banging on doors past 2 a.m.

The traffic and behavior of drug seekers in the building makes the residents feel extremely uncomfortable. Many are older or have physical or other conditions that increase their sense of defenselessness. I am told that they often fear leaving their apartments. Some tenants are leaving out of frustration.

The housing trust and the police are well aware of the drug-related activity in the building. W-WHT has so far been unable to deal with the situation and as a result is failing to fulfill its obligation to protect vulnerable tenants from physical and psychological harm caused by this stressful situation that has gone on for months.

Once a source of pride, the apartments over the Co-op are becoming a drug-infested slum.

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