Art in the Neighborhood finishes summer semester
A painting by a young Moore Court resident.

Art in the Neighborhood finishes summer semester

BRATTLEBORO — Art in the Neighborhood, a local nonprofit organization that provides tuition-free art classes to children in low-income housing communities in Brattleboro, has just finished its six-week summer session.

A 12-week semester will start the week of Sept. 10.

Classes operate year-round at Westgate Housing, Ledgewood Heights, and Moore Court.

In a news release, executive director Mollie Burke said the program has been expanding this past year to include Community Outreach projects at Moore Court.

Some fall projects will include a community supper at Moore Court in conjunction with the American Heart Association's Healthy Kids program.

Art in the Neighborhood will also offer an inter-generational program with young students and residents of Red Clover Commons senior living facility.

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