Free gelding clinic offered by Gerta’s Equine Rescue

WEST TOWNSHEND — Gerda's Equine Rescue will host a free gelding clinic on Sept. 8 for owners who might not otherwise be able to afford the procedure.

According to a news release, the VT/NH Veterinary Clinic (based in Dummerston) and students from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, along with other area veterinarians, have all graciously volunteered their time and expertise to perform the gelding and microchipping.

Patterson Veterinary has agreed to donate all of the medication needed for the geldings, which, added to the collaboration, makes this service available to horses and their owners in need.

Pre-registration is required. GER also has a shipping scholarship fund available for horse owners who need additional assistance getting their stallions to the free gelding clinic.

Funding for the clinic is provided in part by the Unwanted Horse Coalition's Operation Gelding program. The program was developed based on a philosophy that the castration of a stallion will help prevent accidental or over-breeding, thereby reducing the number of unwanted horses being born.

Castration also produces calmer horses that are more rideable, trainable, and sellable, possibly enabling them to have multiple careers.

“We are excited to offer a gelding and microchip clinic for owners in our community,” said Gerda Silver, president and founder of Gerda's Equine Rescue. “There are too many unwanted horses nationwide, and we don't want to see the same trend locally.”

To register, e-mail [email protected]. and they'll send over the registration form for you to fill out. For more information about Gerda's Equine Rescue, visit

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