Parking rates to increase in February

BRATTLEBORO — After months of discussion and a required second reading of the proposed ordinance change, the Selectboard unanimously approved raising the town's public parking rates.

The fees are scheduled to go up on Feb. 1, 2019. On-street and Harmony Lot parking will cost $1 per hour; rates at other lots will increase by 10 cents per hour; 30-minute meters will cost 5 cents more per hour.

Town Manager Peter B. Elwell told The Commons that parking-permit rates will remain the same - for now.

“Obviously, there will be some time in the future when those rates will increase, but we have no plans to consider such an increase at this time,” said Elwell.

This increase will cover operating costs for the new parking-payment system, set to arrive in mid-January. The new meters and kiosks will accept U.S. currency, credit and debit cards, and smartphone payments via an application.

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