Coffey: an experienced community builder

BELLOWS FALLS — As election day draws near, I applaud candidates running for office. The scale of Vermont allows all of us a broad spectrum of opportunities to make a difference in our communities.

Sara Coffey is running for the Legislature in district Windham-1, which includes Guilford and Vernon. She is an experienced community builder who will work hard for her constituents.

I have had the opportunity to work with Sara in her role as director of Vermont Performance Lab. She is aware of the importance of artists and their contributions to the cultural and economic sustainability of our communities. Recent figures demonstrate that creatives account for almost 9 percent of the Vermont work force.

Sara realizes that housing, education, livable wages, health insurance, and child care are challenges faced by all sectors of the work force. In working with Sara, I've seen her great respect for the rural essence of Vermont and how she possesses the ability to step back, look at a challenge, discuss issues with people with a variety of viewpoints, and work collaboratively on a solution.

I know many of you have probably met Sara from working with her on a project: fundraisers at the Broad Brook Grange, a school meeting in her district, and meetings addressing strengthening southern Vermont's rural economy, or when she might have knocked on your door campaigning. If you have, I imagine that you share my respect for her insights and professionalism.

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