State proposes tech that’s untested on humans, wildlife, plants

MARLBORO — The Vermont Department of Public Service recently announced a final draft of a 10-year telecommunications plan for the state. A series of public hearings about the plan were held throughout the state. One more public hearing will take place in Montpelier on a date to be determined.

The plan, which includes 5G LTE technology for both urban and rural areas in Vermont, does not address concerns with the ever-growing levels of electro-smog or the lack of safety testing for 5G for humans, wildlife, and plants.

5G uses a much smaller wavelength, which requires a new small cell tower every 1,500 feet or so. Its introduction would mean considerably increased exposure to electromagnetic fields in our community.

Comments on and concerns about the plan, due Feb. 1, may be submitted to the department by email or by mail to the Public Service Department, 112 State St., Montpelier, VT 05620.

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