Town Schools Theatre presents ‘Winter Festival’

BRATTLEBORO — New England Youth Theatre's Town Schools Theatre “Winter Festival” brings together three original 20-minute plays into one show, to be performed by local schoolchildren on Feb. 15 and 16, at 7 p.m., at NEYT, 100 Flat St.

The Un-lost Island of Atlantis, directed by Putnam Smith and performed by students from Putney Central School, tells the tale of the clash of two groups of explorers who discover the lost island of Atlantis at the same time.

Death By Murder, directed by Jay Gelter and featuring students from Oak Grove Elementary, is a comic murder mystery whodunit, with plot twists that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Finally, in the dark comedy, A Festival of Merriment and Joy for the Good King Heimlich, directed by Doran Hamm and performed by students from Academy School, the good people of Chokeslandvilleshire rise up to overthrow their tyrannical king.

In one evening, audiences of all ages will be transported from a desert isle to an English drawing room to a medieval court - without having to leave the comfort of their theater seats.

Town School Theater is NEYT's free theater experience for children in grades 4-6 attending local elementary schools.

The program has recently been expanded to be able to include more schools in the program, and has added “Workshop Wednesdays,” when the students come to the theater for a variety of workshops including lighting and sound design, improv, directing, costume design, and acting.

The program aims to engage children at all levels of production, inviting them to participate not just as performers, but as collaborators whose ideas and visions are both heard and respected.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to expand the Town Schools program to include more elementary schools from the district,” Hallie Flower, executive director of NEYT, said in a news release. “Being able to share the joys of live theater with kids is rewarding in so many ways.”

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