McLoughlin: nothing trivial about the choice we’re facing

BRATTLEBORO — I enthusiastically endorse my dear friend Liz McLoughlin for a seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard. She has the experience, savvy, enthusiasm, and skills to be the best candidate I can imagine for this position.

I will tell you about her pragmatism, optimism, and wisdom (POW!) through a little story that depicts her more vividly than a recitation of her impressive credentials might do.

It begins with a brag: recently, our team (“Liz McLoughlin for Selectboard”) won the trivia competition sponsored by Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary to raise money for the United Way's Kids in Coats fund.

Truly, we could not have achieved this honor if she hadn't:

1) organized a ragtag group of friends to come out on a weeknight, promising us it would be fun (it was);

2) quietly and persistently written the correct answers on a piece of paper at just the right moment, gently pushing it across the table with a small, knowing grin as the rest of us flailed exuberantly; and

3) stood patiently and thoughtfully during the true-false round (10 bonus points!) as the rest of the squad was quickly done for - and then, pretty soon thereafter, as everyone else in the room got something wrong, too, and she was the last one standing.

It was a wonderful moment when the emcee announced: “'Liz McLoughlin for Selectboard' has won.” Because there she was, on her feet, so smart and on top of things and diligently representing us - just as she will stand up for you if she gets elected to the Selectboard.

There's nothing trivial about the choice we're facing. I urge you to vote for Liz McLoughlin.

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