Quipp: A thoughtful, empathetic voice

BRATTLEBORO — I enthusiastically support Daniel Quipp for Selectboard.

I have worked closely with Daniel for several years on the leadership team of 350 Brattleboro, a local climate-action group. Throughout that time, he has demonstrated a remarkable work ethic, a commitment to equity, inclusion, and justice, and a firm belief in group decision-making and shared leadership.

I have also worked alongside Daniel as a District 2 Representative Town Meeting member. He takes this responsibility seriously, doing background reading and research, asking relevant questions, and seeking input from people throughout the community at large.

Daniel also frequently attends Selectboard meetings, bringing with him values of climate and social justice and the belief that decisions must take into account more than just the bottom line.

I'm confident that Daniel Quipp will be a thoughtful and empathetic voice on the Selectboard. Please join me in voting for him on March 5.

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