Quipp: Selectboard should bring meetings to the people

BRATTLEBORO — I strongly recommend that the good citizens of Brattleboro consider Daniel Quipp when they cast their ballots for Selectboard.

Whether it' Washington, D.C., Montpelier, or our local Selectboards, we need representatives who have a good understanding of the growing climate crisis and who are not shy about speaking up about the need to take proactive steps to deal with it.

Daniel has demonstrated his credentials on both counts.

As a co-founder of the Brattleboro chapter of 350.org, the organization started by fellow Vermont resident Bill McKibben, Daniel has regularly attended Selectboard meetings to advocate for greater energy efficiency in Brattleboro.

If successful in his bid. Daniel would be a strong and reliable voice to advocate that the town make a firm commitment to ending its use of fossil fuel for heating buildings and for transportation.

He also recognizes that energy efficiency is not just about carbon emissions, as important as that is, but also about saving taxpayers' money. Daniel also advocates for having more resources put into public transit and into bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, as ways to better serve the public while also reducing carbon emissions.

Daniel would put more money and time toward improving the lives of more-marginalized residents. He would increase access to food for vulnerable populations - creating community gardens, for example. He has also proposed that the board meet in places other than the Municipal Center: Westgate, Mountain Home Park, and Brattleboro Housing Partnership community centers.

“It would be great if we could go to people we hear from the least,” he said.

Daniel Quipp would be a fresh and important voice on the Selectboard. I encourage Brattleboro folks to vote for him.

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