Brattleboro Music Center: A splendid gift for our community

HALIFAX — At the conclusion of a spectacular Escher Quartet concert in the acoustic miracle of the stunning concert hall at the Brattleboro Music Center, I reflected on that institution's splendid gift to our community.

In addition to stimulating performances of multi-genre music, the Center provides top-level faculty for several hundred students of all ages and rehearsal facilities for several groups. The Windham Orchestra rehearses weekly in the concert hall.

Practice rooms, many equipped with grand pianos, serve as teaching studios, and visitors can find a library, handy seating, an up-to-date kitchen useful for receptions, and impeccable bathrooms. Parking is easy and spacious.

The staff is unfailingly courteous and helpful. The management and fundraisers, under the tactful, quiet guidance of noted luthier Doug Cox, have achieved the impossible in our small community of around 12,000!

Visit the Center for an eye-opening experience.

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