Women were given a sacred gift to choose

PUTNEY — I was watching the news at work, and I had to look away.

I felt physically sick as I heard about one state after another. I think I cried, vented for a long time and, at the depths of my soul, I was legitimately terrified for our country and how quickly women are no longer allowed to make an extremely personal and sensitive (often complex, intuitive, and very private, sacred) decision about their lives, their bodies, and their futures.

Recent new laws prohibiting choice not only disrupt a very basic right to our own bodies as ours, but a very law in nature.

I believe women were given a sacred gift to choose because it is the woman who was chosen to decide. If it were a man's job, a man would have been chosen. But he was not.

God gave it to women. By God, I mean reality, the Big Bang - whatever created us, made it so women were the carriers, and deciders.

The ocean has the same properties as the fluid in the womb. Our wombs are tiny oceans. According to evolution, everything was created out of the ocean.

If man can't accept this basic law of nature, of who is the gatekeeper here, then man is destroying that which is sacred and keeps the world in balance.

This is why we are angry.

This is why we fight.

To take away our choice is to crush the very spirit of that on which the entire Earth depends.

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