A stark contrast

BRATTLEBORO — I'm wondering, since Texas has decided the death penalty should be applicable for certain cases of abortion (I presume it wouldn't be all cases), what about the case of one George W. Bush and his obvious crimes against humanity?

According to Gilbert Burnham of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, there were 654,995 excess deaths due to the gratuitous American invasion of Iraq in March 2003, through summer 2006.

Since the U.S.-initiated butchery there lasted well beyond 2006, I'm going to call it a cool million Iraqis who no longer exist thanks to us and to President Bush, who referred to another million people living in America who historically protested against the attack before it happened, as a “focus group.”

I wonder when Bush, born with a prototypical silver spoon, will be held as accountable for slaughter as an impoverished woman sacrificing her dignity and emotional attachment to one single unborn due to responsible financial or personal character concerns.

If our fellow citizens in Texas don't automatically think of it, I would remind them that Bush's actions remain a source of shame to many when considering our nation's reputation, notwithstanding Obama's and Trump's crimes.

And I'm serious about Obama. Among other things, he bombed more countries than Bush, executed U.S. citizens without due process, and authorized the Army to domestically detain Americans indefinitely without trial.

But this question is about comparative treatment of Bush and a woman who needs an abortion. Isn't there any relativity here? I would hope so, and to see a real public desire for justice in this regard.

Or perhaps we could just also forgive the women. What do you think?

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