Government control over women’s bodies crosses a line

BRATTLEBORO — Regardless of one's political beliefs, most would agree that a sad and horrible part of our history is the enslavement of people upon whose backs our nation was built.

Shockingly, it is disheartening to see us heading down a similar path again with women's rights.

It is understandable that, due to religious and personal beliefs, abortion would be viewed differently among people. However, when government takes control of a woman's body and thus becomes the owner of it, a line is crossed to where there is little difference from how enslaved people were treated.

The recent anti-abortion legislation passed in Alabama and being considered in other states - places where government is still dominated by men - takes charge of women's bodies, reducing women to baby factories.

Not only is this a dangerous and degrading way to treat women, but it also builds another systemic bias against lower-income families who often don't have the financial means to circumvent an unjust system.

Alabama's legislature effectively banned abortion, including in cases of rape and incest. Here in Vermont we have the opportunity to send a very different message by passing H.57, the bill to protect abortion rights in Vermont!

The bill will take effect as soon as Governor Phil Scott signs it into law or lets the law take effect without his signature.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this and for taking action.

We urge all men to play an active role in supporting women's right to choose.

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