Gallery In the Woods features Mexican art

BRATTLEBORO — Gallery In the Woods, 145 Main St., presents woodcuts and fantastic animal sculpture from the artists' co-ops of Oaxaca, Mexico.

According to a news release, the artists of Oaxaca have worked to organize the 16 woodcut printmaking studios in the city to work as a cooperative whole. Central Oaxaca is a beehive and, with the support of the city, the studios are making a living, garnering international shows.

Every studio is a teaching workshop, and apprentices often help to make the woodcuts and execute the printing. Some prints are wall-sized - 6 feet by 8 feet - requiring several helpers to roll and print.

Equipment and presses are shared, in the principle of Guelaguetza, or community spirit, inherited from the tribal villages, and a keynote of Oaxacan life. The graphic scene in Oaxaca was boosted by the philanthropy of Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo with the establishment of a free art school for gifted tribal children.

The movement is political, urban, young, and energetic. In addition to gallery images, artists identify as activists by posting broadsides on the fronts of the stucco buildings (also available for sale), or making banners for parades and protests. Several artists are represented in this collection of work.

The gallery also features its biennial show of new work from the tribal village cooperatives in rural Oaxaca. Featured are the work of Zeny and Reyna Fuentes, Sergio Santiago, and many others.

“Every carving and sculpture is alive with animal totems - symbols and patterns that connect to a deeper narrative, masterfully and finely illustrated,” according to a news release.

There will be a special reception during this month's Gallery Walk on Friday, June 6, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Preview the artwork at, or call 802-257-4777 for more information.

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