The winning recipe
Michael Kondracki adds hibiscus tea.

The winning recipe

BRATTLEBORO — Twin Flames Taqueria bartender Michael Kondracki ponders while thinking about how to scale the restaurant's winning Tiki Punch mocktail from event proportions to something that would work in home kitchens.

“I got it!” he said after writing some ingredients on a blank service order slip.

Still, there's only so far you can go - you're not going to juice a whole cantaloupe for one drink. This recipe will make about a gallon of punch for an event.

Peach purée is a food-service specialty item that might be difficult to find. Kondracki said peach juice would also work.

Twin Flames Tiki Punch

Juice and strain:

¶1 cantaloupe


¶6 mint sprigs


¶ 3 cups peach purée or juice

¶2{1/2} cups simple syrup (recipe follows)

¶3 cups hibiscus tea

¶2 cups water

¶2 cups lemon juice

Add garnish and serve on the rocks or chilled.

Simple syrup

To make your own simple syrup, mix in a saucepan:

¶2 cups of sugar

¶2 cups of water.

Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat and simmer until the syrup is totally dissolved. Stir occasionally.

Cool down the syrup in a covered pan, then refrigerate.

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