Shakespeare in the Park turns 30

Vermont Theatre Company celebrates with modernized version of ‘Macbeth’

BRATTLEBORO — For its 30th annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Vermont Theatre Company will present Macbeth, with performances June 27 through 30 at the Rotary Stage in Brattleboro's Living Memorial Park.

Admission is $5, and performances begin at 6 p.m. Reservations aren't necessary.

The well-known tale is given a contemporary setting to engage audiences in drawing connections to a tumultuous geopolitical climate created by present-day leadership crises.

Macbeth is a cunning general and fearsome warrior in service to Scotland's king, earning respect and fortune for his battlefield exploits. After a portentous encounter with supernatural forces, Macbeth returns home to his ambitious wife.

Lady Macbeth quickly persuades her husband that his talent for violence can yield greater gains - especially if he can stomach a few cold-blooded murders. VTC's production is modern, action-packed, and accessible to all audiences.

Macbeth is produced by Michael Jerald, directed by Cameron Cobane, and managed by Harral Hamilton.

It stars Jesse Cross-Nickerson, Michelle Page, Adrienne Major, Geof Dolman, Christian Drake, Jonathan Kinnersley, Jessica Callahan Gelter, Ruben Garza, Krista Coughlin-Galbraith, Leo Sanzone, Shannon Ward, Victoria Maillo de Aguilera, Evelyn Gelter, Eli Coughlin-Galbraith, Emily Webb, Gavin Holloway, Nat Roy, Alex Luckham, Harral Hamilton, Louise Zak, and Brandon Peterson.

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