A few questions about violence, respect for human life

BRATTLEBORO — Hey, Timothy Grant: I'll be happy to read your opinions about violence and your respect for human life when you tell me all about:

• Whom you're contacting to demand we help our allies, the Kurds, who, along with their families and including babies, are being slaughtered thanks to the demented ego of the criminal in our White House.

• What you're doing to help and stand up for people struggling without health care who are losing their homes, their savings, and their lives.

• When you, in fact, acquire the one thing that gives you the right to say anything at all about a woman's control over her own body: a uterus.

• Where you're donating time and/or money to organizations helping the children left behind by the opioid epidemic.

• How you're speaking up against the separation of families/deaths of children at our southern border.

While I'm waiting for your answers, a reminder: We live in a secular democracy, Roe v. Wade has not been overturned, and a woman's right to choose remains the law of the land.

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