Plans begin for next reunion of Putney grade school students, faculty, and staff

PUTNEY — When will the next grade school reunion for Putney students be held? In two, three or four years? On Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, or Indigenous Peoples weekend?

Give the board your input at the annual meeting of the Putney Grade Schools Reunion Ltd. on Dec. 7, 10:30 a.m. at Next Stage, 15 Kimball Hill.

Attendees at the board meeting can help decide the date, location, and possible events for the next reunion. There are open positions on the board.

The last reunion was held Aug. 31 this year and was the ninth reunion held since 1996. Anita Coomes, one of the organizers, said she enjoyed hearing stories about old times at the 2019 reunion.

“I was listening to some of the tales or happenings that most of us didn't know about, it depends on your grade,” she said. Many former students traveled from other states to attend. “It's fun that you spend time with people you've known for a long time, and they live close by or far away. You don't see them that often.”

In fact, some former students who currently live in Putney on the same street, were having a good time at the same table, Coomes said, even though they don't get together otherwise.

Because the Putney Grade Schools Reunion Ltd. became a 501(c)(3) organization early in 2019, it can now accept charitable contributions. Each donation helps fund two annual student awards to Putney Central students every June during graduation ceremonies.

Share your photos of the old days in Putney with others at this annual meeting. Refreshments provided.

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