Stone Church Arts presents cellist Rushad Eggleston

BELLOWS FALLS — Cellist Rushad Eggleston says he will entertain all who venture out to attend his Stone Church Arts concert on Friday, Dec. 6, at 7:30 p.m. at Immanuel Episcopal Church, the stone church on the hill, 20 Church St.

His show, filled with highly-entertaining tomfoolery, encompasses the many different sides of his musical personality.

In a news release, he says he “can play fluffy rainbow unicorn metal from a magic green dimension whose mystic tongues growl the delapitude of the future across speedy spectrums of the wildest astral cello landscapes with oceans of glee, skies full of bats, and forests full of strange melody monsters?”

    Lest one thinks Eggleston is all shtick, Stone Church Arts artistic director Eugene Friesen says Eggleston “is a vibrantly creative original solo artist who uses cello, language, and fun to mesmerize.”

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