Graber weaves magic in Brattleboro Women’s Chorus

PUTNEY — I have written letters to the editor before, and they have usually been about school shootings, gun laws, or ageism. But today I want to write about a very uplifting and joyous topic.

I am a member of the Brattleboro Women's Chorus, and we just performed our fall concert.

This chorus consists of about 100 women from all parts of Windham County. To join the chorus, all you need is a love of singing and a commitment to show up for rehearsals. There are no tryouts; singing ability doesn't matter. Any and all singers are welcome - just come and sing.

There are some beautiful singers in the group, some OK singers, and then some like me who are learning but will never be a solo performer.

The person who pulls all of this together is Becky Graber, our wonderful leader. The first person I saw when I went to my first rehearsal was this smiling woman who welcomed us all.

She seemed to be always smiling and to be very happy we were there. Becky is like a happy elf, full of energy and life. When rehearsals started, the same happy person remained. No matter how we sang, no matter if we were slightly off key or slightly too loud or too soft, Becky's smile and good humor remained. I have never heard a discouraging word from her.

From this disparity of abilities and backgrounds, Becky weaves a chorus of great strength and beautiful sound. She is truly a great treasure and asset to our community.

If you missed our fall concert, come and hear us next spring in May. You will have an uplifting and joyous experience and a chance to watch Becky weave her magic.

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