Putney Foodshelf distributes 92 Harvest Baskets

PUTNEY — Putney Foodshelf volunteers assembled and distributed 92 Harvest Bags and 68 turkeys for Thanksgiving. Twenty-five of those bags went home with Putney Central School families, and the rest were distributed through the Foodshelf's regular open hours.

Students at The Grammar School in Putney created 11 of the bags, a donation they have made for many years.

Five people from Greenwood School in Putney joined the five Foodshelf volunteers in assembling the bags at the Putney Community Center.

Roots Property Management sponsored the 25 bags that went to PCS families this year.

Three people from Landmark College in Putney - Ellen Smith, Tina LaFlam, and Candace Brown - pulled together a last-minute plan to distribute frozen turkeys at the Foodshelf and made it happen. C&S Wholesale Grocers donated all 68 turkeys. Chartwells Food Service at Landmark stored the turkeys to keep them frozen.

Students in the Putney School community service activity made six apple pies, and then Alison Litchfield Dougan, baker at the Putney School, baked an additional 25 pumpkin pies, all of which were distributed at the Foodshelf. The pumpkin pies were sponsored by Shippee Auto and Emerson's Furniture.

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