‘They paid for the groceries that I didn’t have enough money for’

BRATTLEBORO — I believe in kindness and good.

On Dec. 7, at approximately 7 p.m., I was shopping for groceries at Market Basket in Swanzey, N.H.

While shopping. I knew I had only $175 and I couldn't go over that amount. I had figured out that exactly what I needed for the month and was ever so careful to get bargains.

The store was very, very busy. I got in line and loaded my groceries onto the conveyor belt.

I looked down at the register and realized I was way over $200.

I turned around and apologized to the couple behind me, as I knew then that it was going to take a while to subtract the items that I couldn't afford. I was so embarrassed.

But the next thing I knew, the couple behind me was putting a credit card into the machine. They paid for the groceries that I didn't have enough money for.

I couldn't believe it. I was shaking, crying.

In all my years, I've always tried just to be nice to people and do the next right thing. It feels like it has come full circle.

I am blessed beyond measure to experience a Christmas miracle. I just want to publicly thank the kind couple.

They had just moved back to the area after being away for 30 years. I believe they said they were from Nelson, N.H.

Please - whoever knows them, pass this along. They brightened my day.

And I have continued just being kind. I will continue paying it forward.

Merry Christmas.

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