Focus our climate efforts where we can do the most good

Regarding the recent doomsday articles about climate change, let's all be honest: Earth's climate has been changing, dramatically, for billions of years; today's Arctic was not always frozen; extinctions and land mass changes happened before humans existed and will continue.

Climate doomsayers say we are going to die unless we listen to certain individuals and do what they say, which sounds so cult-like (think David Koresh, Harold Camping, Jim Jones).

We can all do better. For example, we can't stop the wildfires in Australia instantly, but we could hold to account those who ignored burn bans, and those who flung lit cigarettes onto the ground, imposing heavy fines if not prison time for the damages they have caused and lives lost (including wildlife). The real cause of most wildfires is reckless human behavior.

We can and should plant more trees to absorb carbon dioxide; hold those who throw trash or lit cigarettes out of their cars to stiff fines and, for repeat offenders , impose astronomical fines along with community service; hold those who start fires by ignoring burn bans accountable for all damages caused, including wildfires and the cost of the response.

If we care about the Earth, we should start focusing our efforts where we can do the most good.

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