McLoughlin brings experience, compassion to work on Selectboard

BRATTLEBORO — Elizabeth McLoughlin is a thoughtful and experienced leader who has our whole community, not simply herself, in mind when doing her work on the Selectboard.

Liz has valuable experience in town planning and environmental impact assessments, which are an important feature of our town's need for a stronger economic future.

She has compassion, which also informs her work on the Selectboard, ensuring that residents all understand Project CARE, and what we all can do to help improve opioid-use problems in town.

Liz understands the role that the Brattleboro Retreat has with both of the issues of the economy and opioids. She initiated the recent meeting of the Selectboard with the Retreat leadership.

The Retreat impacts our economy as the largest employer and the opioid problem as the hub treatment facility for opioid recovery. That meeting resulted in the entire Selectboard sending a letter of support to the governor to help keep the Retreat open and thriving.

Brattleboro deals with many issues, with only some catching the headlines. Liz's commitment to the town and her work on the Selectboard extends beyond just a single issue or two. Her history of commitment to our community is shown in her work on the Planning Commission, the skatepark, the town budget, and in her work with the arts as part of Empty Bowls.

Elizabeth McLoughlin is committed to making Brattleboro a great place to live. She has my vote as a key ingredient of what will make the town thrive into the future. I hope she will have your vote as well.

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