Vermont lawmakers, are you thinking?

WEST DUMMERSTON — Vermont legislators: What are you thinking?

Are you thinking of our failed education policies? Where our cost per pupil is skyrocketing, while our student population dwindles?

Are you thinking about our stagnant, now dwindling population? Where the cost of living makes it unaffordable for the average person/family to feel confident that they have a good job and can grow?

Are you thinking about the ever-growing opioid/drug crisis? Where so many more youth are succumbing to a very hard life or not surviving?

Are you thinking of the small-business owner who makes up the majority of our small town's ability to survive? Where taxes, regulations (so many unknown and little understood), and uncertainty make it difficult to project profit and growth?

Are you thinking of the skyrocketing cost of health care, with enormous changes for hospitals, providers, and individuals? Where navigation is limited in time and scope, and services are labyrinth of red tape? Where businesses continue to decline offering coverage to employees due to cost?

Are you thinking about our infrastructure? Where our roads are filled with potholes and made from sub-par paving materials? Where our bridges are crumbling? Where gravel roads are plentiful but gravel unavailable?

Are you thinking of our law enforcement? Where a burglary is no longer a significant priority, and teaching people to live with and accommodate the drug abusers is?

Are you thinking about our environment? Where trees are taking out our power frequently, and carnivorous animals will be coming for compost in everyone's yard?

Are you thinking of our agriculture? Where more and more farm land is used for acres of solar panels, and farmers struggle to hold on to the family business?

Are you thinking of the demographics of this state? Where our neighbor to the east has no sales tax and where our population is the second-lowest in the country? Where work opportunities are very limited and getting to them requires resources?

If you are a Democrat, you are a supermajority, sent to do a job for the people of this state. Are you thinking you know best? Are you thinking that everything is going just fine? Are you thinking that the policies and laws/regulations in place are producing superior outcomes? Are you thinking more laws and regulations are going to do the trick?

Are you thinking? If so, would you mind listening?

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