Vermont should lead on COVID-19 safety requirements

GUILFORD — Volunteers in southern Vermont have made more than 1,800 masks for supermarkets, nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities and more for their families and friends.

I just spoke to the managers of the two local chain supermarkets who are not requiring their employees to wear masks but going by the CDC recommendation of only suggesting that they do so.

I know about some curbside pickups and CSAs that can't always do that.

On April 12, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring essential services to provide masks and require their employees to wear them.

I don't want Vermont to be a follower; I want Vermont to be a leader! If our supermarket employees get sick, we are all in trouble.

My request to readers is to wear masks and contact the governor's office and ask for stronger measures than the CDC guidelines.

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