Governor loosens travel requirements for out-of-state visitors

Southern Vermont Realtors applauded Governor Phil Scott's announcement authorizing interstate travel to and from New England and New York counties with 400 or fewer active COVID-19 cases per million without quarantine requirements.

The new authorization, effective as of Monday, June 8, allows those from certain out-of-state areas to come to Vermont to view properties for sale. A map of the approved counties will be updated weekly and posted on ACCD's website.

Residents who are interested in purchasing a home in Vermont from a non-quarantine county may travel to Vermont without quarantine restrictions if they travel directly to Vermont in their personal vehicle. Permitted activities include overnight travel, commuting for work, leisure visits, and recreation.

Travelers must register with Sara Alert upon arrival to Vermont to get two weeks of daily reminders to check for common symptoms of COVID-19. Travelers must remember to follow any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in their homes upon return.

Travelers (including Vermonters) who visit or are from a quarantined county must still quarantine for 14 days upon entrance into Vermont (seven days with a negative COVID19 test).

The restrictions for quarantine will be further loosened on June 15, when travelers may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a seven-day quarantine followed by a negative test.

Travelers may quarantine in their home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions if they drive directly from their home via their personal vehicle.

After July 1, the state of Vermont plans to re-evaluate these criteria to determine if they should be expanded or restricted based on current data.

The state hopes that more counties will be added over time as the active case counts improve and that the criteria may be expanded beyond 400 cases per million after July 1 and as circumstances allow.

Realtors are anxious to assist out-of-state residents find the right property in Vermont. Each office has established a plan for health and safety protocols for their clients.

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