Mrowicki: experience, progressive values, collaboration

DUMMERSTON — I am writing in support of Mike Mrowicki, one of our current Windham County state representatives. Mike seeks your vote at the Democratic Primary.

Because of his many years of legislative experience, his progressive values, and his collaborative style, he gets things done for all us. With so many needing help at this time, we need Mike's legislative experience to make sure that state government is working as it should.

Mike has been working overtime in the Legislature since the COVID-19 lockdown began - not just on the pandemic crisis, but also on solving other problems of critical importance in Vermont.

He has been working to pass new legislation that will improve training for police on use of force and more effective ways to interact with the communities they serve.

Mike is a key legislator in making affordable health care a reality for everyone in Vermont, working hard to secure affordable health insurance coverage for all Vermonters. While 97 percent have some coverage, he understands that too often, copays and deductibles make using that coverage unaffordable.

As a member of the Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus, Mike helped to get the Global Warming Solutions Act passed and will continue to make climate action a legislative priority. He is also a strong advocate for affordable education for everyone.

And finally, Vermont's stay-at-home order highlighted the lack of broadband internet access for many Vermonters. Mike says, “Broadband is as essential as electricity.” He has made broadband access another one of his top priorities.

For all these reasons, Mike will have my vote.

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