Siegel: Bringing more voices to the center of the discussion

GUILFORD — I enthusiastically support Brenda Siegel for lieutenant governor in our upcoming primary.

As fellow activists, Brenda and I have worked side by side on the economic-justice issues of livable wages and paid family and medical leave for working Vermonters, on advancing the cause of universal health care as a basic right, on justice for immigrants and asylum seekers, and on bold climate action.

Brenda has been an outspoken voice for racial justice, for reform of our criminal justice system, and for commonsense, evidence-based policy on opiate-use disorder which prioritizes saving lives.

Over the years, I've watched Brenda draw on her own experiences as someone who has struggled economically while raising her son as a single parent, and as someone who has experienced tragedy in her own family, to emerge as a strong voice on a full range of progressive issues.

She brings a perspective that is typically lacking in the halls of power, yet is greatly needed as we face a continuing pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, both of which have exacerbated the deep levels of inequality that already existed within Vermont and society at large.

I also know that Brenda will use this office creatively to bring many more voices into the processes of state government, that she feels deeply the need to have those most affected by policy at the center of the discussion. This quality is apparent in the many forums that her campaign has held in the last few months on a number of important issues. These forums can be found on the Brenda Siegel for Vermont Facebook page and will be helpful viewing to people who would like to better understand Brenda as a candidate.

Early voting has started, so I hope all will remember to request a mail-in ballot and join me in checking the box for Brenda Siegel for lieutenant governor on the Democratic Party ballot or writing her name in if you are filling out a Progressive Party ballot.

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