Gray: Southern Vermont needs an ally in the State House

BRATTLEBORO — Back in March, during the stress and insanity of our COVID-19 shutdown and shifting of services at the Brattleboro municipal level, I received a call from Molly Gray. She told me she was running for lieutenant governor and wanted to talk about how Montpelier could be more responsive to the needs of our town and our county.

I found her to be an excellent listener with very good ideas, and I promised that I would look more carefully into her accomplishments and views and consider supporting her candidacy.

Four months later, I'm happy to join the many who would like to see this spirited, positive, and independent-minded voice in that office.

Having direct experience with advocating for the needs of southern Vermont municipalities, I know that having someone in Montpelier who understands our issues here in Windham County is essential.

Having had several more conversations with Molly Gray, I'm convinced that she is not only a capable leader for our entire state, but that she will truly speak up for our “Southeast Kingdom,” where she has strong family ties and which too often gets only brief nods with policymakers in Montpelier.

I urge all voters to look into Molly Gray's combination of impressive experience of advocating for human rights, both abroad and here at home as an assistant attorney general. Join me in helping to bring her positive energy, collaborative skills, and advocacy to the office of Vermont's lieutenant governor.

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