Artists ‘craft transportive aural worlds’

Valise, UCC Harlo to perform socially-distanced concert at Epsilon Spires

BRATTLEBORO — Epsilon Spires, 190 Main St., will host a night of multimedia performance in its socially-distanced sanctuary on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m.

According to a news release, the featured performers, UCC Harlo and Valise, are solo artists who “carry traditions of music making into expansive sonic environments, employing electronic composition and sampling to blend and breed sounds from disparate sources to craft transportive aural worlds.”

UCC Harlo is the performance moniker of Berlin-based artist Annie Gårlid. Classically trained in both viola and voice, Gårlid “proposes sonic reconciliations between the old and the new” by fusing her own performances of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music with the sounds and structures of contemporary dance music, field recordings, and ASMR-inspired soundscapes.

Her delicate and highly atmospheric compositions hold a space out of time where vaporous human voices and bowed strings effervescently harmonize.

She is a member of the Holly Herndon Ensemble and has collaborated with Caterina Barbieri, Bill Kouligas, and Emptyset. As a writer and musicologist, she studies the entanglements of technology and ecology.

Valise is the multimedia performance project of Maralie, a New York based artist, vocalist, producer, dancer, and educator whose contextual understanding of performance is embedded in ceremony and proceeding from spirit.

Synthesizing sound, video, sculpture, and embodied performance, Maralie works “to seduce poetics from human-machine interaction” positing a humanistic and expressive engagement with technology.

Maralie performs collaboratively with artists and partner Eli V Manuscript, and also works as an educator at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Seating is limited, so advance booking is strongly encouraged. Further information on this performance and future events can be found at

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