Crowell Gallery shares work of Martha Werman
Paintings by Martha Werman will be on display at the Crowell Art Gallery in Newfane during the month of September.

Crowell Gallery shares work of Martha Werman

NEWFANE — “Honoring an Everyday Object,” an art exhibit by Martha Werman, will be on display during September at the Crowell Art Gallery at Moore Free Library.

An artist reception will be held on the library's lawn on Friday, Sept. 4, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Visitors should expect to see work spanning a number of years, showcasing a variety of media and methods.

Werman's journey through the arts began in Scandinavia in 1967. She worked as a choreographer, teacher, and performer of modern dance, and she owned a small dance school in Trondheim, Norway.

In the early 1990s in Cambridge, Mass., she belonged to Reclamation Artists, a group of artists and designers producing temporary installations in vacant lots in Greater Boston.

“Some of the work presented in the show is from class assignments, others are for pleasure. Or rather, I should say, it is all for pleasure, I could not live happily without it,” Werman said in her artist's statement.

“I find I use my eye continuously in my environment: the interiors of houses, walls, floors, stairs, and plants, even desiccated vegetables, all become elements of geometry enhanced by shadow and light. Random juxtapositions catch my attention,” said Werman, who received her certificate for decorative painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 2007.

Her focus on oils began in 2011 when she took painting classes at Massachusetts College of Art and Design with Catherine Kehoe and Nancy McCarthy.

Werman said she now studies with Jason Alden at the Drawing Studio in Brattleboro, “taking drawing and attending open studio for critique on my work. I challenge myself to share with the viewer the novelty of such an image to awaken in him or her a new perspective.”

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