#VoteForMe project encourages youth election action

BRATTLEBORO — In an effort to boost voter turnout in Windham County, the Windham County Democratic Committee (WCDC) is inviting students who are not old enough to vote to participate in this year's election by voicing the concerns and issues that they want voters to consider when casting ballots.

Entitled #VoteForMe, the project invites students to submit letters to the editor of their local papers or post one-minute videos on Facebook or Instagram encouraging those who receive ballots to exercise their right to vote.

According to a news release, the idea for this project came out of a conversation between John Hagen, the chair of the WCDC, and Matt Sorenson, a high school student from Vernon.

“We had been talking about how to engage students in this year's election and also how to boost voter turnout in the county,” Hagen said. “Matt came up with this great idea of students using print and social media to share their concerns and to encourage those who can vote to do so with these concerns in mind.”

As Sorenson explained, “I am not old enough to vote but like it is for every student, the results of this election will directly impact my future. I want voters to realize how much we depend upon them to vote for us, for our futures.”

Students who want to participate in this project can do so by posting directly to their own social media accounts with #VoteForMe or submit letters to the editor to their local newspaper.

They also encourage to contact Matt through [email protected] to share videos and ideas.

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