Coffey: honesty, compassion, dedication, stamina, humility, curiosity, and humor

GUILFORD — I am writing to remind people to vote for Sara Coffey.

None of us could have imagined the heartbreak our nation has faced this year. With her colleagues in the Vermont State Legislature, Sara has taken on the challenge of reaching out to residents and working to meet their needs.

Sara convened a mutual aid group with Guilford Cares, the Guilford Selectboard, and the Broad Brook Community Center to contact everyone in town whose age might put them at risk. She checked in with families to make sure they had access to benefits as they became available. She did so on top of her critical work on the House Committee on Corrections and Institutions.

Over 12 years, I've known Sara Coffey in many roles: visionary arts colleague, community organizer, civic leader, public servant, and dear friend.

Two years ago, while canvassing on back roads during her first campaign for the Legislature, we talked about ways to draw residents of Vernon and Guilford closer: an ice cream social, a dance. That was back in the era when neighbors could safely gather.

Sara brings these qualities - honesty, compassion, dedication, stamina, humility, curiosity, and humor - to all she does. She listens to everyone and respects differences. When she takes on a project, she sees the big picture and finds the way forward. She is down-to-earth and in it for the long haul. She wants you to be there with her, working together, laughing whenever possible.

In divisive times, Sara Coffey is here for all of us.

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